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Here, at SoftGear we offer multiple services one of which is web development. The basic idea behind web development is to perform tasks associated with developing websites through internet which can be carried out for multiple purposes including; web designing and web content development. Clients share their inspirational ideas with us and we lay the groundwork for their projects to be fulfilled in the best possible way digitally.

We are proficient in developing content management systems for customers using our extensive technological advancements with the help of our brilliant team. It is especially useful for customers who need to make a one-time investment in their business by setting up a portal that helps create and modify content on a website without much technological expertise on their part.

So, if yours is a business that doesn’t want to adhere to the nitty gritties of uploading html files every time you want to upload some content on your website, then this is perfect for you. A prime example of an effective content management system would be WordPress. With an interface like Microsoft, it’s a lot easier to navigate and comprehend. Here at SoftGear we offer you a way to tweak your business outlook by arranging your website however you want it, through an effective content management system.

Other than content management systems, we also create other forms of portals for our prospective clients. Some of which include; customer relationship management portals for our ecommerce clients, designing human relationship management portals for our corporate clients making it easier for them to deal with their HR department and setting up school management systems as well.

One of the core functionalities of SoftGear is designing virtual shops for up and coming businesses. Due to the recent boom in ecommerce, businesses feel like they have to be online to even stand a chance in the millennial-run world. So, if you are a chic business, looking to design your shop’s website, look no further.

Additionally, to further the ecommerce trade, we are proficient in developing online catalogues for up and coming businesses where they can showcase the best products in their range and set their vibe, which in most online businesses is their unique selling point, as it sets them apart from their e-tail peers. So, by exhibiting an intuitive online catalogue you can maintain a business identity that your customers can relate to.

In the corporate world, besides the content there’s a lot of emphasis laid on the aesthetic of everything, and what’s to be more aesthetic than the presentations you give on a daily basis? Now, a lot of people still use PowerPoint for that, but where’s the fun in that? Here at SoftGear, we help devise aesthetic and intuitive presentation websites for our corporate clients through which they can convey their points whilst keeping their audience encaptivated. So, if you are a corporate firm tired of being labeled as stoic and boring because of your presentation layouts, then hit us up. You won’t regret it.





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